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Welcome to Globe Medical Realty Advisors

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Our Critical Services

Globe Medical Realty Advisors (GMRA) exclusively represents doctors, never landlords, as we advocate solid marketplace positions with a high level of real estate analysis and professional service. Our service and representation are provided at no cost to you. We offer an experienced, diligent, and resourceful team focused on your real estate needs.

Lease Negotiation

Lease Negotiation

We leverage your current lease to negotiate the best terms in the market.

  • Review the occupied space and its current use
  • Assess space quality and condition
  • Examine current lease terms
  • Conduct lease risk analysis
  • Consider staff size

  • Define location parameters
  • Review growth potential
  • Evaluate space re-purposing
  • Identify technical and amenity requirements
  • Compare lease renewal vs. relocation

  • Investigate competitive locations and costs
  • Compare budget costs against market data
  • Conduct building tours
  • Select alternative locations
  • Assist in building selection

  • Submit letter of intent
  • Negotiate terms and conditions
  • Prepare lease abstract
  • Provide ongoing financial analysis of proposed terms
  • Execute lease agreement

Acquisition & Development Advisory

Our team will integrate your business strategy and demographic requirements to secure a site that exceeds expectations.

  • Identify demographic requirements and limitations
  • Review growth potential
  • Examine municipal’s masterplan and growth projections
  • Establish budget and project timelines

  • Utilize GIS mapping to set geographic boundaries
  • Research all available opportunities
  • Present pros and cons of each available location
  • Review list of alternatives

  • Select building or site
  • Consider build to suit or build out options
  • Conduct property tours
  • Narrow selection to final alternatives
  • Submit letters of intent on all final alternatives

  • Choose top alternative
  • Negotiate final terms and conditions
  • Facilitate space planning and finish out construction
  • Execute the lease or purchase contract
  • Provide post occupancy services

Syndications and Joint Ventures

Bringing medical services together under one roof either through a syndicate or joint venture pools resources and increases profitability.

  • Globe Medical has been involved in over 1 million square feet of syndication valued at more than $400 million.
  • In 2019, we syndicated over 370,000 square feet of leasable space with a market value of over $95 million.

  • Establish core drivers
  • Identify potential candidates
  • Consult with attorneys to draw up a draft agreement
  • Review plans for forming an ownership entity

  • Define search criteria
  • Prepare preliminary investment analysis
  • Identify site
  • Secure property interest through a letter of intent

  • Pool investment resources
  • Sponsor limited partners
  • Identify capital stack
  • Determine profit distribution ratios
  • Apply for debt

  • Finalize the Private Placement Memorandum or joint venture agreement
  • Close on the property purchase or execute the lease agreement
  • Provide post occupancy services and on going follow up